Our Story

Nomi & Brave


Hi, I'm Nomi! My sidekick stuffed bunny, Brave, and I love going on adventures and learning new things. We always seem to find ourselves in a pinch, but we are always determined to figure a way out of it. If is so much fun getting to learn about all the exciting things that happen in the Universe around us. I know that Brave and I can take on any challenge, and have a blast doing it!


Starting a Movement

The scarcity of women in STEM and STEAM fields has been a problem for decades. Whether the problem stems from a lack of interest in the field, or the impression that STEM is "for boys," a solution is desperately needed. Through early-childhood exposure to fun stories with whimsical art containing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Nomi & Brave looks to inspire the next generation of scientists, mathmeticians and engineers.

What We Create

Nomi & Brave's mission is to encourage an appreciation for the STEM fields through fun, decorative, and informative products. Our stories are created to inspire the adventurous side of your little explorers and to spark a lifetime of educational appreciation, a love for science, and the confidence to reach for the stars. We hope to inspire:
   *Critical Thinking
   *Lifelong learning