Art Print: STATE Maps - PICK YOUR STATE! - Jake & Scout Travel America

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Artwork perfect for your baby boy nursery or playroom decor. Homeschool families will also love this wall decor for your classrooms! Great for a hot air balloon theme nursery or a travel themed bedroom for boys. 

As Jake & Scout Travel America, they love to visit all 50 US States, especially YOUR home state!!

These are 8x10 prints.

States will be made to order so about a 2 week turnaround!  Depending on the state, these will be decorated by county lines or regional lines.  In the product photos, Idaho is done by county lines and Texas is done based on regions. Additionally, based on the shape of the state, we may use a different Nomi character, i.e. Jake in a Plane or Jake in a Hot Air Balloon. 

Please select the State you wish to purchase and we will get it made, printed and shipped!